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Want to see how easy it can be to secure access to all your cloud and enterprise apps? Try Thales Safenet Trusted Access for cloud single sign-on and automated, as-a-service, simplicity.


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As the attack surface grows, balancing risk and reward is critical to successful cloud adoption. See how you can apply the right access security measures at each stage of your journey.


2021 Thales Access Management Index

Ensuring Trusted Access in a Cloud-First World

With 44% of European security professionals lacking confidence in current approaches for authentication use and access management technologies, the 2021 Thales Access Management Index uncovers the issues keeping infosec experts awake at night – and explores how they’re responding to resolve them.


Thales offers fast, secure access management, authentication and security token solutions with the breadth to authenticate any user type, everywhere.

It’s time to upscale protection, improve performance and remove investment risk.

To accelerate and thrive in this world, your people need to be connected, your applications accessible and everything secure. There’s never been a more important time to have the right access management and authentication solutions in place.

These need to be easy to deploy, simple to manage and adaptable as your infrastructure and applications evolve. And, with everyone needing to get work done, access security must be a boost – not a barrier – to performance.

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Creating secure, agile working environments

Creating secure, agile working environments

Simplicity is key to productivity. But access and password management can be a complex, time consuming issue for administrators, and a performance challenge for users.

Thales accelerates access to cloud services, embeds the convenience of passwordless authentication, and streamlines cloud authentication management.

Plus, with visibility key to security, a single pane view of access events across your hybrid application estate means you’ll always know the right user has access to the right application, at the right level of trust.

Optimising system performance, securely

With investment protection a priority, today’s solutions must be compatible with existing systems and applications – and whatever comes next.

Seamlessly integrating with existing security infrastructure – and supporting your systems and apps as they move to cloud – Thales solutions scale and evolve alongside your infrastructure.

Our solutions are born in the cloud so are cloud agnostic. And where cloud isn’t right for your workloads, you can use Thales to manage access to on-premise datacentre apps too. Giving you the flexibility you need wherever transformation takes you.

Optimising system performance, securely
Enhancing system security and efficiency

Enhancing system security and efficiency

If making it easy is important for users, it’s critical for today’s CISO teams.

Thales tackles complexity from front to back with Cloud Single Sign On (SSO) – delivering fast access to apps, reducing administration and building on protection already in place.

With Thales CISO teams can get on with the day job without having to allocate management resource. Everything is always up-to-date with the latest innovations, while the single, easy to navigate console delivers access to multiple cloud applications.

Cyber experts offer their views

  • From cultural shift to constant vigilance, our experts identify the organisation’s biggest barriers to achieving access management security in a Zero Trust world.
  • Talking the talk is easy. Our panel helps you turn talking into reality with critical considerations and pragmatic guidance to help you achieve your Zero Trust model.
  • Whether attacks come from inside or out, securing your borderless and dispersed environments can be challenging. We show you how access management leaves nothing to chance.

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