Minimising risk.
Maximising growth.

Access Management & Authentication Solutions

Minimising risk.
Maximising growth.

Access Management & Authentication Solutions

must-see stats to inform your access management strategy

Why Zero Trust doesn’t have to mean a rock bottom employee experience? Do conventional username and password options still have a place when it comes to secure authentication?

  • We surveyed 400 IT and security execs across Europe and the Middle East to get their take on the issues that matter in access management.
  • Unprotected infrastructure (like IoT) is the no.1 target for cyber-attacks. See what else is keeping your peers awake at night.
  • Execs see value in Single Sign On and biometrics, but many are ready to extend username/password options. Are we taking a step back or should passwords get a pass?
  • Lock it down or open up – how are enterprises tackling access management in a world of multicloud? Get all the answers here.

Augment your existing security infrastructure to upscale protection, improve performance and add value, while removing investment risk – now and in the future.

To accelerate and thrive in this environment – and to deliver benefits for your customers – all of your staff at Severn Trent need to be connected, your applications accessible, and everything secure. There’s never been a more important time to have the right access management and authentication solutions in place.

These need to be easy to deploy, simple to manage and adaptable as your infrastructure and applications evolve. You need the peace-of-mind that the solutions you employ will be a boost – not a barrier – to performance.

Bridging this security/experience divide, Thales offers users fast, secure access and authentication to all their enterprise apps, wherever and whenever they need them – while IT gets the transparency, control and cost savings it needs to drive the strategy in a Zero Trust world.

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Bridging this security/experience divide, Thales offers fast, secure access management, authentication and security token solutions with the breadth to authenticate any user type, everywhere – while IT gets the transparency, control and cost savings it needs to drive the strategy in a Zero Trust world and boost protection.

Creating secure, agile working environments

Creating secure, agile working environments

Simplicity is key to productivity for today’s hybrid workforce – wherever they are, and the applications and data reside. But user access, authentication and password management can be a complex, time consuming issue for administrators, and a performance challenge for users.

We know that at Severn Trent you are committed to making the best use of all of your resources. That’s why we also know that you need simplicity and performance from your technology at all times.

Agile working environments need agile solutions – and Thales can help you to accelerate access to cloud services, bringing simple and secure access to all users in your organisation. With the convenience of passwordless authentication, and by streamlining cloud authentication management, we can help you increase productivity while protecting your workforce and different user identities.

Plus, with apps and services on-premise, in the cloud and in hybrid environments, the ability to bring all the benefits of an agile, cloud-first access management and authentication solution to your own datacentre is a major advantage.

Making it simple, Thales also offers a single pane view of access events across your hybrid application estate. You’ll always know the right user has access to the right application, at the right level of trust. We remove silos and disconnects, and enable innovation, collaboration and teamwork.

Enhancing system security and efficiency

Eliminating complexity is key for users. It’s critical for your IT teams too – managing access and authentication while enhancing security has to be both agile and simple.

Protecting different users, enforcing policy, while managing the everyday ‘lights on’ activities of integration and patching, can stretch even the most efficient teams.

Tackling complexity from front to back, Cloud Single Sign On (SSO) offers easy access to all cloud apps with a single identity, reduces administration and – through industry standard protocols and algorithms – builds on protection that is already in place.

And because it’s all delivered by Thales, your IT team will be able to get on with the day job without having to allocate management resource. Everything is always up-to-date with the latest innovations, and the single, easy to navigate console delivers access to multiple cloud applications too.

With us, you’ll benefit from true security by design – giving you clear controls that help you meet the stringent requirements that come with delivering critical national infrastructure.

Enhancing system security and efficiency

How to create trust in an untrusted environment. Cyber experts offer their views

‘Never trust, always verify’ is the central tenant of tackling the security challenges in a world of disruption, transformation and hybrid workstyles. But with system and behavioural change critical to success, how can you ensure the right procedures and practices are in place to mitigate any threat? We asked information security experts from across the world for their views.

  • From cultural shift to constant vigilance, our experts identify the organisation’s biggest barriers to achieving access management security in a Zero Trust world.
  • Talking the talk is easy. Our panel helps you turn talking into reality with critical considerations and pragmatic guidance to help you achieve your Zero Trust model.
  • Whether attacks come from inside or out, securing your borderless and dispersed environments can be challenging. We show you how access management leaves nothing to chance.
Optimising system performance, securely

Optimising system performance, securely

As enterprises accelerate the move to the cloud and look to secure an increasingly hybrid infrastructure, investment protection becomes a priority.

Transformation is a journey not a destination. New solutions today not only have to be compatible with existing systems and applications, they must integrate with whatever comes next. Deploy today and rip and replace tomorrow is not an option.

Augmenting your existing security infrastructure, Thales upscales protection, improves performance and adds value, while removing investment risk – now and in the future.

Seamlessly integrating into and collaborating with your current access and authentication management technologies to boost protection – and supporting your systems and apps as they move to cloud – the Thales solution scales and evolves alongside your infrastructure.

Because it’s born in the cloud, it is cloud agnostic, fully integrated, and managed through a single pane of glass – co-existing with your Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce and SAP solutions. And where cloud isn’t right for some of your workloads, you can use Thales to manage access to on-premise datacentre apps too – optimising whole system performance and giving you the flexibility you need, wherever transformation takes you.

We know that no single solution can resolve all of your issues. That’s why we’re vendor agnostic, making it easy to integrate Thales solutions into your existing Severn Trent environment. As you work hard to do the right thing for your customers, so we’ll work hard to help you achieve simple, secure performance optimisation.

Are unprotected Remote Desktop Protocols letting ransomware into your network?

Hitting thousands of enterprises in over 17 countries, the recent fourth of July ransomware attack was one of the biggest attacks ever seen. As the sophistication of attacks increases, remote desktops are now in the firing line. We go behind the headlines to chart the true scale of ransomware RDP attacks.

  • Millions of misconfigured RDP machines are at risk. With half of all ransomware attacks now levering the protocol, it’s a big problem. Find out how big.
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